How to Win FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Draft

How to Win FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Draft

What is draft mode?

fut draft 16First of all we must explain what Fifa draft mode is. It’s a new, brand new mode, and a monumental task. You will be tasked with building your ultimate team while selecting players from five groups. It’ takes coins, skill, patience, and well, a little bit of luck. Once you assemble your team, you’ll get to play with other draft teams. The goal is winning at least four times in a row. With winning your potential rewards are getting bigger and better. Naturally, you want to win as many games as possible, and that’s where we come in. We’re here to help you to become ultimate player in FIFA 16 draft.

How to enter Fifa 16 draft?

It’s easy, you just need 15000 coins or 300 FIFA points. Don’t worry you’ll get back your coins, but they’ll be represented by free packs or a token for redeeming 1000 coins. This was done by EA to stop farming resources. Although, there is almost always a way to win some free FIFA FUT 16 coins. But, let’s not go there for now. You can find draft tokens in FUT 16 packs, and there you can also find tokens to redeem 1000 coins or a free gold pack. So, in a way you always win. It just depends on how much you want to win. And you want to win it all, don’t you?

how to fin fifa 16 ultimate team draft

What can you win?

There are mega packs, silver packs, gold packs, jumbo packs, jumbo gold packs. rare gold packs, etc. You want the rarest and best possible packs because that’s where the best players are. But sometimes chemistry is more important than the sheer quality of your players.

Choosing your formation

At the beginning you’ll be asked to chose your formation. Selection of formations will be very different each time you enter FUT draft mode, so choose it carefully. And keep in mind while choosing your players that information in your head. Formation changes always, so pick versatile players.

fifa 16 draft choosing formation

Choosing your leader

First thing first, you have to choose your captain. Here, you’re in luck, since you’ll probably get to choose from some of the best players in the game. But, as we’ve said earlier sometimes chemistry is more important than having the best players around, like in real life. We all remember Real Madrid Galacticos, which were the best team in the world on paper, but in real life not so much. Basically, that’s how it is in FIFA FUT 16, since it’s trying to be a simulation of real life.

fifa 16 choose a player

Choosing your team

Selecting a position in formation will present to you a choice of players to choose for that position. This selection is entirely up to you. Will you go for the best player possible, or will you try to build your chemistry to a high level? Once again, we recommend the second option, but if that’s not your style, we won’t stop you. Be creative, sometimes you won’t get really good players, but it’s tactics, it’s making a best out of a bad situation.

Choosing your manager

Choosing a manager is really important because he gets to boost your team chemistry. Should a manager with right nationality or right league be available, go for it!

fifa 16 draft gameplay

Final word

Don’t expect to have the best team possible right away. It takes time, patience and of course winning games. Get the best out of your team through chemistry and good luck!

Get free FIFA coins in FUT 16 TOTS

Get free FIFA coins in FUT 16 TOTS

FUT draft is actually a brand new way to play FUT. To be able to enter a tournament you have to pay 15,000 coins or 300 points or 1 Draft token which you can get when you open the packet if you are lucky. After you named your team, you will get random list names of the players with bronze, silver or gold card backings for each player. Players with the ranking between 0-64 are bronze, 65-74 are silver and between 75-99 are gold. The colors represent each player’s skills. As you play the game you will gather more silver cards and when that happens, begin to toss weaker bronze players and replace them with silver ones. After all, the more coins you have, the more possibility you have to buy silver and gold players.

fifa 16 tots

fifa 16 tots ronaldo cardTo start your game EA Sports gives you 500 coins which you can collect in FUT store from the main menu. Even though this is very generous 500 coins are just not enough to create a super team. To earn coins you must take part in tournaments, matches, and drafts. This will take a lot of investment and a lot of hours spent in front of the game and still you will need more coins if you don’t open your wallet or credit card. Even so, if you are not that lucky with the game or you need coins to get into that draft you really want, you can always use our FIFA 16 ultimate team coins generator. We advise you to begin with FUT single player modes. In Single Player games you can adjust the weight of opponents, which will have an impact on a number of coins you receive after the match but not on the prize that the winner of the tournament gets. Single Player game is played against real teams from FIFA 16 controlled by the CPU. At the very beginning when selecting a formation, be smart and choose wisely as the set during the tournament is no longer possible to change, but that is only after you lose and start a new tournament. When stacking the team you will meet with some of the challenges like, choose the highest rated players, or focus on the team and create a team with as much chemistry. Try out different solutions and find out what suits you best. The decision is yours.

fifa 16 ultimate team coin generator free

It is possible to obtain In Form, TOTY, TOTS and MOTM players. In FUT draft mode there is no Market because these players can not be sold since they are not really your property. To win the grand prize it is necessary to achieve a winning streak of four games, if you fall out at an earlier stage of the competition you will also get the prize but it will not be so generous. Prizes are different so it is possible to win Gold Jumbo Packs, Premium Gold and Silver Packs, Gold Packs Standard, Coins Etc.

The FIFA 16 has released new TOTS and they are absolutely amazing. It consists of 15 different squads with new dark blue inform cards and the squads will be released throughout the year. The first squad was released on April 29th, 2016 and the final squad, as said, will be released around August 2016. The players consist of Bronze, Silver and Gold cards with upgraded statistics.

fifa 16 card design

The most important thing you need to know here is that players receive coins and assets after achievements they gain on the field. Spend that coins to buy players with high ratings and good chemistry. FIFA 16 is providing you with a new squad and you have a great chance to win big prizes after four victories, card pack, players or coins. So don’t give up, be persistent and continue playing the game. Enjoy playing.

Starting Formations for Fifa 16 – Ultimate Guide

Starting Formations for Fifa 16 – Ultimate Guide

Fifa 16 brings many new features in the gameplay, and there are many new formations in the game. The choice is yours, there is no wrong or right formation, but you should know the basic concept of every formation in the game so that you can maximize your opportunities in the game. In this article we will cover new features in Fifa 16 that are focused on formations. We are bringing you five most commonly used formations in the game. There is a currently a glitch that allows you to get free coins for Fifa 16 but have in mind that you still have to have a good formation and generally be a good player to beat your opponent, but i guess the points should help.

4-1-2-1-2 formation

This formation is known to be “wide” formation, basically in the midfield. If you want to use this formation try to get good midfielder, a player that can help your defenders and you should also pay attention to get a player with solid dribbling skills. Such skillful player will be able to organize defense or attack according to your needs. Left and right midfielder should have excellent speed and crossing ability, so that they can pass a ball to the attackers.


4-3-1-2 formation

This is actually a variation of previous formation where midfield player will be placed more to the middle. It is important to pay attention to left and right midfielder, because they will replace central midfielder. Choose the good players with high dribbling and passing skills.



4-3-2-1 formation

This formation is trying to make a perfect preparation for offensive gameplay, but it is important to have a strong defense if your opponent tries to suddenly make any counterattack. This formation is relying on one attacker, therefore you must choose your best player for that position. If you want to have complete control in the middle, choose this formation.

4-3-3 attacking formation

This is basic attacking position in Fifa 16, but this formation as several variations. In this basic formation 4 players are targeting for a score. It is important to have the goods striker and good left and right wingers. If you decide to play this formation, do not worry about defense, try to develop your offensive capabilities and score a goal as a soon as possible.

3-3-4 defensive formation

This formation is an opposite of previous formation, it place the emphasis on defensive players. Still, as you can see, they are four players as in the front line. The basic idea behind this formation is to create a solid defense with four players, strong midfield and solid attack line. If you like defensive gameplay, then this formation is ideal for you.


FIFA 16 Secrets Revealed

FIFA 16 Secrets Revealed

FIFA 16 is almost here, but not many information is available up-to-date. Fortunately, we managed to find relevant and precise details about some of the major improvements in FIFA 16!

As we described in our previous article, one of the new techniques that will be introduced in FIFA 16 is spinning step technique. Basically, this technique will minimize the distance between the players, so in the case when a player lose the ball, an opponent will have more time to change momentum and try to get the ball. That will make gameplay more interesting and it is in fact the move from real football game. We are looking forward to check this move directly in the game, but as far as we seen that will bring more intensive gameplay.

Another FIFA 16 defense improvement is new acceleration curve in the game. What is acceleration curve? Well, acceleration curve is actually a meter that the computer calculates to present correct acceleration of the ball. It is also important in calculating right amount of time that is needed for a player to recover. It is, indeed, very sophisticated and complicated algorithm, but it will improve the real realism of the game and reaction of AI players.

FIFA 16 brings even more changes in the defense line. One of such fixes is lazy full back trick that is implemented in the new version of the game. Remember the time when you hold the ball in midfield after counter attack and the time when you wanted to pass the ball to the wing? Of course, you do! The problem with FIFA 15 was that there were now one on the wings! Well, this problem is fixed with a new feature named lazy full back that will enable the full backs to get more offensive approach. That means that they will be look to get forward every time they can. So, be ready to fifa 16 coins at time to buy improved defense players!

Those were major improvements in the FIFA 16 defense mechanics that will ensure much better gameplay. Goalkeeping was one of the major issues for improvement in the new FIFA 16 release. Online FIFA community placed huge number of requests during the year and EA tried to fix them with several patches. All problems relating goalkeeping from FIFA 15 were carefully reconsidered and solved in FIFA 16 with different solutions.

Stay with us, in our next blog post we will reveal some of the most interesting FIFA 16 changes about goalkeeping and tackling Improvements.

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