10 Changes That We Want to See In FIFA 17

10 Changes That We Want to See In FIFA 17

As one of the best sports games in the game industry, we can all agree that FIFA is getting better with each new release. You all know that FIFA 16 brought us improvements in a defensive set of the team, better control and performance belts and better control of the defense. EA Sports FIFA 16 called it the most balanced game of the series. When EA announced releasing of FIFA 17 the Internet was cluttered with improvement suggestions of a game and FIFA 17 wishlist. Here are 10 changes in FIFA we selected for you that we believe you would want to see in this amazing new game.

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Bigger rewards

The one thing we certainly want to see in FIFA 17 is bigger rewards. Winning DIV1 in FIFA should at least guarantee you 100K Pack or maybe 100.000 coins. All you get in FIFA 16 is 15.000 coins for winning the whole thing. For the average person on FIFA winning every division on the game can take a long time, at least a few weeks if played the game regularly. Division rewards need to be increased. Even though there is a possibility to gain coins through our updated FIFA 16 coin generator this is something that needs to be improved in the game. Another reward can be for fut drafts and milestones of pack openings.

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Online Career Mode

We can all agree that challenging other players online is pretty exciting and this will for sure enhance the credibility of this game. For starters, 2-4 players’ option can be excellent for online mode.

Create your manager

In manager system, there is not much you can do to make your manager authentic. You can choose your manager skin tone and suit color but they are always bald, using a black coat which became very boring. A wide selection of managers should be included in the game.

fifa 16 ultimate teamFIFA Challenges

FIFA needs challenges! It keeps the player on the game wanting to earn the rewards by completing the challenges. FIFA, for example, can give you the possibility if you hit the crossbar 5 times in a game you unlock 3 draft tokens or scoring 5 goals in one play get you 10.000 coins. There are so many different and brilliant games out there today that FIFA needs to do more to keep the players on the game.

New Leagues

New Leagues need to be added to FIFA 17! Since fans were disappointed there were not numerous other leagues in FIFA 16 this is a great opportunity to add some. For example, look at the Chinese super league, they bought players like Ramirez, Jackson Martinez, and so many new players seems to be transferring to China, it’s attracting more players than anywhere else now, so clearly this league should be added to the new FIFA. They can also add Ukrainian, Croatian, Greek, Serbian, Bulgarian, Finland and Czech leagues.

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Passing Mechanics

Another improvement for FIFA 17 can also be passing, especially the mechanics. Passing a lot of the time is, as you know, just out of your control. Through balls don’t make sense, you can tap it and it goes 30 yards. Passing really needs to be adjusted, it just doesn’t seem right.

Player Switching

A lot of the fans said that this is one of the worst things about FIFA 16. Player switching feels like it is not in your control, it’s slow and it often doesn’t switch to your chosen player. Hopefully, in FIFA 17 they can make this better. But all of this is of course just a constructive criticism to help FIFA improve its game.

Ball control

Ball control needs adjusting! Too often it’s too inconsistent in the game.

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Stadium builder

Another way that EA can hugely improve its customization on FIFA 17 is stadium builder feature. It is a surprise that FIFA still hasn’t added this possibility but hopefully they will hear our prayers and add this to the newest game. This can add so much more detail to the game. You can use your customized stadium in ultimate team, pro clubs, perhaps another player can buy your stadium for like 5000 coins, there are so many opportunities for this feature.

Better Press Conferences

The media in FIFA is usually the same but some of you think, and we agree, that it should have more influence in the game. It should be more realistic in a way that players can answer real life press questions, the comments of winning and losing the game.

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