Fifa 16 brings many new features in the gameplay, and there are many new formations in the game. The choice is yours, there is no wrong or right formation, but you should know the basic concept of every formation in the game so that you can maximize your opportunities in the game. In this article we will cover new features in Fifa 16 that are focused on formations. We are bringing you five most commonly used formations in the game. There is a currently a glitch that allows you to get free coins for Fifa 16 but have in mind that you still have to have a good formation and generally be a good player to beat your opponent, but i guess the points should help.

4-1-2-1-2 formation

This formation is known to be “wide” formation, basically in the midfield. If you want to use this formation try to get good midfielder, a player that can help your defenders and you should also pay attention to get a player with solid dribbling skills. Such skillful player will be able to organize defense or attack according to your needs. Left and right midfielder should have excellent speed and crossing ability, so that they can pass a ball to the attackers.


4-3-1-2 formation

This is actually a variation of previous formation where midfield player will be placed more to the middle. It is important to pay attention to left and right midfielder, because they will replace central midfielder. Choose the good players with high dribbling and passing skills.



4-3-2-1 formation

This formation is trying to make a perfect preparation for offensive gameplay, but it is important to have a strong defense if your opponent tries to suddenly make any counterattack. This formation is relying on one attacker, therefore you must choose your best player for that position. If you want to have complete control in the middle, choose this formation.

4-3-3 attacking formation

This is basic attacking position in Fifa 16, but this formation as several variations. In this basic formation 4 players are targeting for a score. It is important to have the goods striker and good left and right wingers. If you decide to play this formation, do not worry about defense, try to develop your offensive capabilities and score a goal as a soon as possible.

3-3-4 defensive formation

This formation is an opposite of previous formation, it place the emphasis on defensive players. Still, as you can see, they are four players as in the front line. The basic idea behind this formation is to create a solid defense with four players, strong midfield and solid attack line. If you like defensive gameplay, then this formation is ideal for you.


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